What can you clean?

Anything on the exterior of your property.

Do you give free estimates?

Not only do I not give free estimates, I do not give estimates at all.

"Estimate", to me, means a number that is subject to change.

And really...does anyone charge for estimates?

I give you a price which will not change! Period.

If your job takes me longer than I had imagined,

it costs you nothing more than originally quoted.

That means more "peace of mind" for you.

Why Should It Be Cleaned?

1) Simply put, It looks better!

If you haven't already, check out my before and after pics.

2) Cleaning the mold and algae from your roof

(presuming the manufacturer recommended methods are used)

will extend the life of your roof.

Mold and algae will put down roots that will get down

into, and cause the deterioration of, your shingles.

3) Mold and algae are dark in color and a darker roof is a warmer roof,

which is not good for your cooling costs.

Why Does it Get Dirty?

Roofs and home exteriors get dirty due to mold and algal spores blowing in the wind.

In Florida, this effect is exacerbated by the high humidity.

Dust and debris are also blown onto your property by winds and passing traffic.

Then you have spiders and their webs, as well as the "dirt dobbers" that like to make their nests on your walls.